Faith to Practice: Foundations of Happiness

A book by David Gaia Kano

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Your beliefs shape your life with every decision you make. Your interpretation of your circumstances also depends largely on what you believe and assume about how your world works. Faith to Practice leads the reader through an exploration of different beliefs and the life practices, spiritual or otherwise, that they support. The reader will come to a better understanding of their own current beliefs and learn a process of choosing and shaping their faith so that it helps them to lead a happier, richer life.

David Gaia Kano has gone from being a materialist who was agnostic about God and anything spiritual, to a full-time contemplative with a deep faith in our Divine Unity. In his first 60 years of life practice, he spent 45 meditating twice a day, 21 in radical acceptance (non-judgment), five in earnest mindfulness and two holding to the sense “I am” each and every moment of the day. Through practice, he has gone from dependence on external conditions for his happiness, to finding the blissful peace within which brings joy to any experience. Faith to Practice will help readers explore and evolve their beliefs, using them to enrich their lives of spiritual practice and become happier, more loving individuals with a clear yet ever-changing sense of who they are, through faith.

A Chapter Outline is at the bottom of this page.

You may view a slide presentation designed for Christian audiences, first created for Koinonia Farm on February 2018. Please contact the author before you use this in any group context.

If you are interested in having David speak at your church, meditation sangha, book store or other community group please use the contact page to send him a message.

If you download the sample of the e-book, you will be able to read the introduction and more about the author, some of which is also available on his blog in the page David Gaia Kano brief history.

The paperback is also available at the Norwich Bookstore in Norwich, VT.

Faith to Practice T-shirts and hoodies are now available for purchase. Wearing the Faith to Practice logo will tell the world that you are doing one or more spiritual practices regularly and provide a resource for others to follow your good example! There are two woman's cut t-shirts as well as the standard uni-sex style t-shirt available in select colors.

Chapter outline


About the Author (the on-line version linked here is different and evolving)

1: Your Life Rests on Faith

2: Examples of Beliefs and What They Support

3: Habits and Addictions

4: Personal Creed of Faith and Practice

Example beliefs from the author and his spiritual practices that they support:

  1. Fundamental Unity and Gifts of Love
  2. Creation Theology and Devotion
  3. Spiritual Beings, Reincarnation and Compassion
  4. Raising Consciousness and Meditation
  5. Karma and Forgiveness
  6. Discernment and Radical Acceptance
  7. Spiritual Activism

5: Faithful Evolution

6: Responsible Happiness

7: Summary and Conclusion

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